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Wild Caught Spanish Carabinero Prawns (Product of Morocco) | U/4 ea (8-9 Shrimps) 2.5 lb box

Wild Caught Spanish Carabinero Prawns (Product of Morocco) | U/4 ea (8-9 Shrimps) 2.5 lb box

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These large, deep-sea prawns are found exclusively in the water's of the Atlantic coast between Spain and Morocco. Well-loved for their sweet taste and jumbo size, they possess a firm texture, succulent meat, and a low-fat content. While their meat resides in their tail, their head and body are excellent for making soups and sauces ; adding exquisite flavor and red color to your dish. 

The Spanish and Portuguese know them by Carabineros - which translates to “police” in Spanish - as the color of their shells resembles the uniforms of Spanish customs police. Their bold, bright red shells maintain their color even when cooked. The English know them as “Scarlet Shrimp or “Cardinal Prawns" and the French as “Crevette Imperiale.”

Traditionally prepared salted and grilled, Carabineros are excellent in paellas and robust stews, and are very appealing when served on a plate whole.

Some may argue, the best way to eat a Carabinero is raw, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fleur de sel on top. And we would love to agree.

None of this prawn should go to waste; Europeans consider the flavor of their heads as a delicacy.

Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus
Origin Spain
Allergens Contains Crustaceans and Sulphites
Method of Capture
Nets and Trawls / Wild Caught
Size U-4
Flavor Graph Strong and sweet
Texture Graph Firm
Suggested Cooking Methods Grilling | Baking | Broiling | Sautee | Soups
Thawing Instructions Important: Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove from carton and defrost under refrigeration a minimum of 4-6 hours or until fully thawed. DO NOT leave soaking in water, it will affect flavor and texture of shellfish. 
Thawed Storing Tips

Keep Refrigerated, use within 24 hours for best results.