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All Natural ASC Certified Clams (Product of Vietnam) | 1 lb Bag ( 16-22 count )

All Natural ASC Certified Clams (Product of Vietnam) | 1 lb Bag ( 16-22 count )

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100% Natural, these ASC Certified sustainable Clams are rich in flavor and vacuum packed in a 1 lb bag with about 16-22 clams inside. Conveniently cooked in their own juices, you open up the frozen bag and pour them with their juices onto your favorite pastas - such as the famous Spaghetti Alle Vongole, paellas, soups or simply delicious steamed recipes.

Clams are the world's greatest source of Vitamin B12 (according to the FDA). Cooking the little shells bumps up their Vitamin B12 levels to 84 micrograms—that's 1,402 % of your daily recommended value!

Watch Cooking with Mayer adding our clams to her Paella Mixta. Oleeeee!!

AKA Meretrix lyrate
Origin Vietnam
Allergens Contains Shellfish / Crustaceans
Ingredients Clams
Method of Capture Cage / Farmed
Flavor Graph Medium
Texture Graph Firm
Suggested Cooking Methods Baking | Broiling | Grilling | Papillote | Sautee | Soups
Thawing Instructions
Important: Keep frozen until ready to use.  Clams have already been cooked in their own juices prior to freeze. Open bag and pour clams with juice in your favorite recipes.