Dear customers our online retail store SEA2DOOR has decided to close doors. We can’t fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support. Serving you has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. Our wholesale side of business will still continue, so if you need further assistance on where to purchase our line of products at wholesale you can go to ENJOY OUR LIQUIDATION SALE NOW! Miami, Broward and Palm Beach get FREE local delivery with your $75 orders.

How to Handle our Recycling Packaging and Dry Ice Warning.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have dedicated ourselves to support environmentally responsible suppliers who follow guidelines of sustainability in their fishing methods. We continue these ethical practices in protecting our natural sources through our implementation of green shipping with our eco-friendly boxes.

Styrofoam provides an excellent thermal insulation to keep product cold for many hours, but when burnt for disposal, it release toxic substances and smoke into the environment; this leads to air pollution and health problems when inhaled by people and animals.

Therefore, as a forward-thinking company in pursuit of making a positive environmental impact, SEA 2 DOOR uses a 100% recyclable and safe substitute to deliver all our frozen seafood products safely to your door.

Our eco-friendly packaging consists of a biodegradable cardboard box with an inner thermal panel made of renewable plant-based components and moisture-resistant craft paper that ensures long-lasting cold temperatures.

However, to make a further positive impact, we need your support. When our biodegradable box and thermal panel are no longer needed, please place on the curbside recycling bin.

Thank you for helping us protect our planet, our oceans and the health of our future generations.

For more information on recycling tips at home:

Dry Ice Warning:

Our boxes will contain dry ice. Dry ice is extremely cold, cold enough to cause a burn in seconds. To safely remove dry ice, handle with PROTECTIVE GLOVES. If you don't have gloves, you could also use a TOWEL OR OVEN MITTEN.

Our boxes' final destination is your home, but in case you need to relocate it or personally delivering to someone, dry ice releases carbon dioxide gas into the air, which can be dangerous within a confined space, such as a car or room. If dry ice has been present in a confined space for more than 10 minutes, allow doors and/or windows to remain open before entering. Otherwise, you will experience difficulty breathing, light-headedness and potential injury or death.

Leave the area immediately if you start to breathe quickly or have any difficulty breathing!

Children should NOT be handling dry ice. 
Dry ice is not edible. If consumed, seek medical attention immediately.