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Miso Salmon with Cauliflower Rice and Kale Salad


It's Monday and we would love to encourage you to a healthy and delicious eating plan this week with some of our favorites, such as this flavorful SEA2DOOR Salmon dish!


1or 2 - SEA2DOOR 4 Star BAP certified skinless Salmon fillets

6 tbsp - Certified Organic Shiro White Miso

12oz - Organic Riced Cauliflower

4 - Fresh Kale leaves




Chopped Green Onions

White Sesame seeds

Black Sesame seeds



Take your SEA2DOOR 4 Star BAP certified skinless Salmon fillets out of the freezer. Place the individually vacuum-packed fillets in sink with lukewarm running water ( will thaw fillets within 15 minutes ) Once thawed, remove from bags and place on a plate. Gently, pat dry each fillet well with paper towel, do not wash fish. Season fillets with salt on both sides.

On a separate deep glass container with lid, pour 6 tbsp of Miso. ( We used Certified Organic Shiro White Miso ) place 2 fillets on top of sauce. With spoon, make sure you spread miso sauce on top as well. Close container with lid and let them marinate for 2 hours in the fridge.

Once the 2 hrs have passed, on a cast iron skillet, add frozen cauliflower rice, quantity desired ( we filled out half skillet for our personal serving size ) Add hand-cut kale with walnut pieces, raisins and salt on remianing space.

Set oven to 425F. Place marinated Salmon fillet(s) on top of bed of cauliflower rice and once oven has reached desired temperature, insert cast iron skillet. Cook on bake for 10 minutes.

Once your dish is ready, remove from oven, leave on cast iron skillet. Garnish Salmon fillet(s) with chopped green onions, white sesame and black ( slightly nuttier ) sesame seeds and serve!

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