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How to make our SEA2DOOR Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp disk with Palmini Linguine

Our Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified sustainable 36-40 size shrimps in a 100% natural, hand-made sauce that can be prepared from frozen in under 10 minutes! Just simmer the frozen disk, sauce side down in any pan, flip the shrimp so it’s cooked through in that sauce, and serve! It can be paired with your choice of rice, pasta, or baguette. 

For low-carb option, try this heart of palm linguine, it truly resembles a wheat pasta, but instead you are getting the extra veggies. Enjoy!



1 - ASC certified Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp disk

1 can - Palmini Linguine



Black Pepper



SERVES 1 - 2 

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