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Carabinero Prawns On The Grill!

Credits to fitness aficionado and partner in crime Ozzie Del Valle for making this spectacular Carabineros at home!!

Carabinero Prawns are coveted by fancy restaurants and are not easy to find in the U.S.

Thanks to SEA 2 DOOR you can have Carabinero Prawns delivered to your home for a substantially low cost compared to ordering a single serving plate at a fancy restaurant. 

These prawns are known for their impressive size, bright red color, and robust flavor. Carabineros are the biggest prawns in the world, bigger than any shrimp. Their distinct flavor is concentrated in their heads. Because of their color it can be harder to determine when they are cooked properly. 

The secret on knowing when they are cooked? Easy. Watch when the shell separates from the meat. 

When ready to eat, be prepared to have fun! Savoring a Carabinero for the first time will be the most delicious, messy and fun experience! Make sure you have plenty of napkins around.

Hope you like the video, make the recipe at home and share your experience with us.



1 box of a Wild Caught Spanish Carabineros - 9  shrimp

1 tbsp butter 

1 lemon juice 

1 large minced garlic

1 tsp dried or fresh Parsley chopped 



1 tbsp butter

1 lemon juice

1 minced garlic 

parsley chopped



Once your shrimp has thawed, grab scissors and cut body shell going upward to open up the shell (shown in video) without touching the tail or head. Remove vein. 

In a bowl, marinate shrimp well with olive oil, salt and pepper. Separately, in a frying pan, sauté butter, minced garlic, lemon juice and parsley for dressing.

On high heat, place Carabineros on the grill and cook for 5 minutes on one side, turn, and cook 5 minutes on the other.

Serve on plate and pour with small spoon the garlic and lemon dressing on top.

Another simple alternative for this flavorful shrimp is to serve them and sprinkle course salt and olive oil on top. 


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