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Valentine's Day Homemade " Carabinero Prawns A La Sal"

They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. And it's true that one of the best expressions of love is to cook something special, just for your loved one. This Valentine's Day Feb.14th, 2021, instead of letting someone else feed you at a restaurant, let us help you impress your loved one with the most decadent seafood dish, "Carabineros A La Sal". 

Have you ever had this large, wild caught red prawns, known as Carabineros or Scarlet Prawn found in the Atlantic coast of Spain? Well-loved for their sweet taste and jumbo size, they possess a firm texture, succulent meat, and a low-fat content. While their meat resides in their tail, their head and body are excellent for making soups and sauces ; adding exquisite flavor and red color. 

Since most of us are celebrating this coming Valentine's Day in the comfort and safety of our homes, why not make this dinner quite a fancy experience just as if you were inviting your loved one to dine at a high end restaurant but more intimate and cost-effective. So you have an idea, the Four Seasons serves a pair of Carabineros wrapped in lardo and grilled for $56. Osteria Mozza serves one Carabinero on top of a pasta, for you to twist off the head to release its juices at a modest "market price" and Estiatorio Milos will cook you as many as you like for a $119 a pound.

At Sea2door, our Carabineros come in a 2.5 lb box with approximately 9 Carabineros for $109.99 a box. Now through Feb 14th get the box 20% OFF with any fish fillet order. Use promo code at Check out: YOURSTRULY

Whether you choose to cook them "A La Sal" in the oven ( recipe below ) pan fried or on the grill, Carabineros are cooked within 10 min and the only ingredients they typically need are Extra Virgin Olive oil and Course Sea Salt, since their meat and juices found in their head are so flavorful. 



First, set oven to 350 F. Then, in an oven safe tray, make a 1 inch tall bed of coarse sea salt covering the entire tray. Once your SEA2DOOR Carabineros (9 per box) have thawed, place them on top of the sea salt bed 1 inch apart from each other. Once oven has reached desired temperature, place tray inside and bake carabineros for 10min. YEP! Is that easy!

You can serve it whole with head and shell on or you can serve it shell off, make sure you ask your significant other before. Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive oil and sprinkle some "Fleur de sel" on top. (alternatively, course sea salt is fine) A slice of lemon on the side is optional.

Place your Carabinero as desired on a plate and let your loved one know the best way to experience the delicacy of a Carabinero is to twist the head from it's tail and let it's juices fall in the plate so you can savor the sultry sauce with a baguette; and suck the remaining juices from the head. 

Experiencing a Carabinero for the first time is quite an unforgettable experience. There is no trick, no special sauce needed, they are simply the most exquisite shrimp you will ever taste. Just make sure you will both have plenty of napkins and great bottle of wine. Cheers and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU!

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